Compact All-in-one Projector Tablet PC ANKOOL #101007

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mini projector tablet pc

Compact All-in-one Projector Tablet PC

Let’s imaging…
Your home is the digital theater, just stay home with your sweet for dating 聽馃檪
Games in hand, start racing games on car travel right away, high-definition visual experience waiting for you 馃檪
Mobile conference in your hand, for working meetings, video conferencing, convenient PPT presentation,聽
save time, work more efficiently 馃檪
Multifunction applications, good helper outdoor or home: playing games, family entertainment, follow stocks
index, more interesting and relax. Just at home, all the familiy can enjogy shock effect of big-screen movie
theater…. 馃檪
… .. However,聽Its聽price is only 1/N of same size of traditional TV, zero radiation, protect eyesight, the
strongest human-computer interaction. 馃檪 馃檪 馃檪
Pro, you want to have ??

Palm Projector Tablet PC Entertainment Revolution, opening a new era of video!

Traditional projector, you still use it?
– Have to find enough聽place to install,聽it聽might have to dismantle the ceiling mounted, if you want to move
elsewhere, it have to dismantle the entire line, real trouble 馃檨
– The volume is too large, worry child to hit, too inconvenient! 馃檨
– Travel overseas, but there is an important proposal to discuss, need share document with my colleagues, Oh, what kind of equipment can do it? 馃檨


Now, you will have ~~

Carefully designed, Focus R&D
Assured products, modern technology, only for better experience ~

[Compact All-in-one聽Projector Tablet PC] is one of portable epoch-making consumer electronics with compact size,which聽have functions of traditional Projector + Tablet PC + Smart TV Box + Mobile Power聽+ Music Box. It can be used for聽personal mobile office, family games entertainment, watch television with loves, team training and聽teaching, dynamic display advertising, friends party, camping,etc.



* Slim聽& compact for聽hands to grasp, all-in-one many functions, not only one tablet pc, but also one great mini projector,聽relax聽to carry
* Audio and video synchronization, practical, reasonable prices, 5 points G + G capacitive touch screen.
* 1080P Full HD screen, clear picture: 1280*800 screen resolution / TIDLP light, wider viewing angle, to
bring you a full new visual experience,Long service life of 20,000 hours, 200-inch large projection screen
* Built 3.7V / 8000MAH large capacity lithium polymer battery, can be a lasting play聽to meet your requirement on games, Internet surf, watching movies, listening to music etc.
* Long standby, perfect performance: 7 hours online video playback, 4 hours projection, 30 hours music, 72
hours standby
* Powerful core, second-speed running: The RK3188 quad-core processors, low-leakage, high performance
28nmMali-400 MP4 GPU, frequency up to 600Mhz
* Built-in Bluetooth, wireless connectivity, more convenient data transmission, connecting聽headphones and stereo
* Support wireless WiFi, USB Interface 802.11b/g/n, support 5G WiFi, 5 times faster speed
* Smart Projection: support wireless projection, smart regulation on projection distance and spacing, HD
* Massive applications, enjoy it so much
* Closed built-in speaker design, high-quality loudspeakers, high fidelity stereo,surround effect
* 5 million pixel high-definition camera (hardware) for camera and video calling, easily capture, more funny
* Projection display, support different content on different screen: the largest 200-inch projection
display (supports dual display function iso), LED bulb life of 20,000 hours, adopt US Texas TL_DLPLED
(RGB) light machine, 854*480 (WXGA) resolution, ANSI 60LM 900LM LED brightness
* Can work with Bluetooth or wired keyboard mouse,more convenient than remote controller

Technical data / comparative advantages:

Appearance: aluminum oxide, metal frame, looks luxurious for gift, unlike the plastic bottom shell, easy
to fall broken
Product size: 215.5*140*13.3MM, reasonable size, more like talbet PC, more comfortable size to play
Screen size: 8 inches (800*1280)), greater clarity
Weight: 239.8g, really聽in your pocket
System: Android4.4 (always with latest update), more stable and more compatible with more funs than
CPU: RK3188 / A9 quad-core processor, complete victory on CortexA9 quad-core processor, RAM memory: 2G,聽doubled
Capacity: 16G memory, support USB / TF expansion 32G
WIFI/3G: 5.0/3G, dual WIFI signal support,more stable and smoother
Bluetooth: Support
Camera: Front and rear are both 500W, no double better than 200W
Touch screen: 5-point G+G capacitive touch IPS screen, higher sensitivity, what is 5 points, you can use the whole finger play games Fruit Ninja
USB Interface: U disk direct reading, support mobile power function to charge for cell phones and other equipments
Audio and video formats: supports all formats
Speaker: Boss speaker, clear sound, clean, non-ordinary
Projection light machine: Texas TI_DLP LED (RGB) light source, 854脳480 (WXGA) resolution, ANSI 60LM (equivalent LED 900LM), Life of 20,000 hours, during all the life no need to聽replace lamp like a traditional projector lamp
Projection size: Up to 200 inches (150 currently as recommend) support for dual display in different device and screen. You do your job, while the children watch聽his Jack&Mickey on different split screen. Static and dynamic display on different screen is currently popular advertising聽method.
Battery capacity: 8000mAH polymer battery, online play seven hours, the projector 4 hours, doubled lasting time
Power: DC 5V / 2A

We are devoloping Paml Projector Mobile Phone, Please follow US now. (you can find on our website or add SKYPE: chinaok321) 聽 聽Follow US:聽Facebook聽|聽Twitter聽|聽LinkedIn聽|聽Google+聽|聽Pinterest聽 **for latest novelty electronics**

portable projector tablet pc smart projector with display screen tablet pc tablet pc projector tablet pc with projector screen function

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Heart Shape Silicon Mouse Wrist Rest Pad ANKOOL #101901

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Heart Silicon Mouse Pad Clear Wristband Pad For Desktop Computer Wonderful Mat

Heart Shape Silicon Mouse Wrist Rest聽Pad

Ergonomic Design, Large Range moving, Raise the office efficiency
Provides the all-day comfort and ergonomic support computer users need.
Significant use of Ergonomic in the workplace can reduce the risk of bodily injury
Package including : 1 x Wristbands

Ergonomically designed for ease of montion and relief of joint stress.
Type: Wrist mouse pad, Game
Material: Silicone
Features: Hand pillow
Size: 12*7*1.5CM
Weight: 118g

Mouse Wristband Pad Protect Wristband Mouse Pad Support

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Heart Silicon Mouse Pad Clear Wristband Pad ANKOOL #101901

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Mouse Wristband Pad

Heart Silicon Mouse Pad Clear Wristband Pad

Ergonomic Design, Large Range moving, Raise the office efficiency
Provides the all-day comfort and ergonomic support computer users need.
Significant use of Ergonomic in the workplace can reduce the risk of bodily injury
Package including : 1 x Wristbands

Ergonomically designed for ease of montion and relief of joint stress.
Type: Wrist mouse pad, Game
Material: Silicone
Features: Hand pillow
Size: 12*7*1.5CM
Weight: 118g

Protect Wristband Mouse Pad Support聽聽聽Heart Silicon Mouse Pad Clear Wristband Pad For Desktop Computer Wonderful Mat

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Ezcap USB Video Capture ezcap170 ANKOOL #92907

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Snapshot Button USB Video Capture

Ezcap USB Video Capture ezcap170

Latest model with professional video editing software ArcSoft ShowBiz 3.5 . It supports SNAPSHOT. Capture High-quality video and audio file direct by USB 2.0 interface without sound card; Catpure video source VHS, V8, Hi8 etc. video recorder, camcorder, DVD player or Satellite TV receiver, laptop/PC; Supports Windows XP/Vista 32 and Vista 64 and Windows 7 /8 systems
You can capture and edit analogue video sources to MPEG 1/2 format on your hard disk. You can burn the edited files onto DVD, VCD, SVCD and share finished projects on DVD, tape, the Web, and mobile devices.
*Supports both widescreen 16:9 and 4:3
*Watch video source full screen in preview mode
*Upload captured video DIRECTLY to YouTube
*Capture Xbox 360/PS3 in colour (needs set the recorded format as NTSC 4.33)
*Comes with latest professional software ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD 3.5
*Powerful video convertor-convert captured video to formats used for iPod, iPod Touch,iPhone, AppleTV, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360 and mobile phone

It supports high quality video resolution: NTSC: 720 x 480 @ 30fps;PAL: 720 x 576 @ 25fps
Plug and Play;no need extral power;easy to use and carry
It supports XBox 360/PS3 colour recording. (Please set the video format as NTSC 4.33)

路 100% brand new.
路 It can capture High-quality video and audio file directly by USB 2.0 without sound card. The installation is very easy and the external power unnessary.
路 It has a snapshot button that allows you to take still photos.
路 It includes a professional video editing and converting software-“ArsSoft ShowBiz 3.5”. It can provide best editing and converting function for you. ShowBiz 3.5 is a video editing and converting software that makes editing your videos as fun as shooting them, and it helps novice users finish stylish movies in only few steps, share finished projects on DVD, tape, the Web, and mobile devices.
路 Interface: USB 2.0.
路 The advanced design keeps optical speeds when using multiple USB devices simultaneously.
路 TV System: PAL, NTSC.
路 Recording format: MPEG 2.
路 Convering format: Apple TV, iPhone, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod touch, WMA, ASF, MPEG1, MPEG2,WMV.
路 Input: Composite Video (RCA), S-Video(miniDIN 4pin), Audio L/R (RCA)
路 Resolution: NTSC 160×120~720×480; PAL 160×120~720X576
路 Rate: NTSC 30fps,PAL 25fps.
路 Power Supply: USB Bus.
路 Consumed Power:鈮1.5W.
路 Editing Software: ArcSoft ShowBiz 3.5 with serial number.
路 Dimension/weight: 90x44x28mm(LxWxH)/72g
路 Cable Length: 80cm(USB), 7cm(Video/Audio)

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Please make sure you connect the USB video capture to the OUTPUT port of your video source device. USB video capture does NOT work with the video input port on your video source device.

Please aslo check what video OUTPUT ports your video source supports. The video capture has both composite AV (yellow, red, white) female and Svideo female sockets.

If the video OUTPUT port is svideo female, then you need to get a S-VHS (S-Video) extension lead (male to male). If the video OUTPUT port is composite AV (Yellow, red, white) female, then you need a RGB to RGB lead (male to male). If your video port is SCART, then you will need SCART to RGB convertor or cable.

Please be advised that you ONLY need one of the following connections
1)Composite AV (yellow, red, white)+audio
2)Svideo +audio (red/white)

Please do NOT connect AV and Svideo at the same time. You only need one of them.

Ezcap USB 2.0 Audio Video Capture Adapter Ezcap USB Video Capture ezcap170聽聽USB Video Capture Adapter Ezcap

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USB Game Capture GameCap Real-time Capture Xbox 360,PS3 and PSP Game to your PC ANKOOL #92905

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Game Video Capture

USB Game Capture GameCap Real-time Capture Xbox 360,PS3 and PSP Game to your PC

motilium from new zealand Features
* Game Video Capture
* High speed HD 1080P
* Good service and full certification CE / ROHS
* Suits for XBOX 360,for PS3

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1.Support for RCA/Component input
2.Crisp, clear, high definition playback online
3.Pass through feature allows for playing on television monitor while capturing on PC
4.Easy portability! Carry it anywhere! Capture anywhere you take your PC!
5.Revolutionary microphone input! Connect a 3.5mm microphone and record your commentary or live play!
6.Upload to your favorite media sharing website, like YouTube, Daily Motion, or Vimeo.
7.One available USB2.0 port

1. High speed connection via USB2.0 port
2. Video inputs: AVI,MOV,WMV,DivX,MP4
3. Audio inputs: MP3,WAV,WMA,AAC
4. Image inputs: JPG,PNG,TIFF,BMP,GIF
5. Video outputs: AVI,WMV,DivX,MP4
6. Audio outputs: MP3,WAV,WMA,AAC
7. Image outputs: JPG,PNG,TIFF,BMP,GIF
9. 1*Component cable,1*RCA Audio cable and 1*USB cable included

System Requirments
1.Microsoft Windows庐 7, Vista鈩 SP2,(SP3 for 32 bit & SP2 for 64 bit),Intel庐 Core2 Duo Processor 1.8GHz or AMD Athlon 隆脕2 64 2.0GHz,2GB RAM
2.DirectX庐 9.0c compatible graphics card or higher, sound card
3.2GB free hard drive space for installation.10+GB free recommended for video recording
4.Windows Media Player 11 or higher
5.Internet explorer 7 or 8
6.Internet connection required for capture, registration, product updates and tutorials. Any Internet charge are the user’s responsibility

USB 2.0 Gaming Capture Box
USB 2.0 Cable
CD with driver and application software
User manual

GameCap USB Game CaptureGameCap USB Game Capture Real-time Capture Xbox 360,PS3 and PSP Game to your PC Xbox Games RecorderGameCap Real time Game Capture Recorder 3.5mm for PS3 Xbox 360 PSP

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PC-free EzCap HD Video Game Recorder Capture into USB Disk ANKOOL #92904

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1080P HDMI Video Capture

PC-free EzCap HD Video Game Recorder Capture into USB Disk

1080P recording with one click, no PC required. Easy to use, no any set-up.
You just click RECORD button to record your gameplay.
More video input choice: HDMI, Component Video, Composite Video.
With 1080P HDMI Pass-through, you can playing HD gameplay when you’re recording it.

With Micro Phone in, can record your voice with video together.
Also with adjusting Mic volume.
With video source button and 720P/1080P recording quality selection button.
Get Record/Stop, Video source selection, 720P/1080P selection and Snap shot functions with Remote Control.

Interface USB 2.0 Host
Video Input Digital: HDMI
Analog: Component Video, Composite Video
Audio Input Digital: HDMI
Analog: RCA L/R, 3.5mm MicroPhone In
Note:Microphone without pass through fo HDMI input
Video Output Digital: HDMI (Pass-through from HDMI or Component or Composite Input)
Audio Output Digital: HDMI (Pass-through from HDMI or RCA L/R Input)
Analog: 3.5mm Stereo (Pass-through from HDMI or RCA L/R Input)

Applicable Connections
HDMI Industry HD camera, HD Medical endoscope, TV, gameplay, etc
Component TV, gameplay, etc
Composite Industry camera, Medical endoscope, TV, gameplay, etc
Note: HDCP contents cannot be recorded.
Hardware Extra
Codec Hardware H.264 encoder
User Interface Record button, 720p/1080p switch button, source change button. Ezcap283 with 5 more buttons for setting time and schedule
LED indicator for working status. Ezcap283s with LCD screen for show time and schedule status
Dimensions 155(L) 脳 92(W) 脳 27(H) mm
Weight 365g

Storage Media USB Flash Disk, Portable Hard Disk
Max Capacity: USB / 2T
Note:The exFAT format is not supported.
Resolution Input / Pass-through: 720 x 480 (60p), 720 x 576 (50p), 1280 x 720p (50p), 1280 x 720p(60p), 1920 x 1080 (50i), 1920 x 1080 (60i), 1920 x 1080 (24p), 1920 x 1080 (25p), 1920 x 1080 (30p), 1920 x 1080 (50p), 1920 x 1080 (60p)
Capture:720 x 480 (60p), 720 x 576 (50p), 1280 x 720p (50p), 1280 x 720p(60p), 1920 x 1080 (50i), 1920 x 1080 (60i), 1920 x 1080 (24p), 1920 x 1080 (25p), 1920 x 1080 (30p), 1920 x 1080 (25p), 1920 x 1080 (30p)
Note:Upscaling is not supported.
Record Format Video: MP4, Audio: AAC Stereo
Record Quality Max: 18Mbps@1080P 30fps
Record File Max: 2GB / Per File, With RTC (Real Time Clock)
Record Place Max: 140MB / Minute, 8.4GB / Hour
Power Supply USB B, DC 5V / 2A

Software Arcsoft Showbiz
Video Editing Timeline / Storyboard edit, Split / Divide Scenes, Multi Trim Scenes 鈥
Video Export Upload to YouTube
Portable Device:for iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Xbox
File: MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, WMV HD, Quicktime (MOV) 鈥
Operating System Windows 8 (32 / 64 bit), Windows 7 (32 / 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 / 64 bit)
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz, AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core 3.0GHz
Memory 4 GB RAM
Graphics Card VGA card with support for DirectX 10.0c or above

Device ezcap283/283S HD Video Capture
Others DC adaptor, USB cable, remote controller, remote expand cable, Software CD, Manual

eZcap HD Video Game Recorder HDMI YPbPr 1080P Capture into USB Disk No PC required HD Video Capture

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8CH USB DVR Video Capture Box Real-time Monitoring for Security Surveillance CCTV ANKOOL #92903

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8CH USB DVR Video Capture Box Real-time Monitoring for聽Security Surveillance CCTV

USB DVR is an economical cheap, easy-operating security monitoring solutions for your home, store and office. It get much popular now because of its outstanding below features:
*Great business opportunities for alternative CCTV security solutions.
*Use computer HDD Disk as storage, no need purchase expensive DVR Host
*Friendly easy-operating software interface, anyone who know use computer can do it
*World鈥檚 first USB type real-time, hardware compression, Audio & Video Synchronization D1 video capture card used by only one computer
*The same professional functions to satisfy your different requirement, such as
-Support Alarm, automatically or manual stop
-Kinds of view window-frames on camera channels, up to 36 cameras
-Set sensitivity of motion
-Manual record, schedule record, active record
-Play back
-Support IE, Mobile monitoring鈥.

As the DVR product specially developed for the USB interface, the USB DVR product adopts the mainstream USB chip manufactured by CYPRESS. It has elegant black appearance and small volume, and it is easy to carry. The latest CONEXANT10-bit high definition ADC adopted at the front end features clear image effect and smooth data, and supports 8-channel real-time or 8-channel non-real-time video input. Due to the fact that it adopts the USB2.0 interface, supports D1 collection and has sound compatibility, it is suitable for monitoring small systems or using a notebook computer to conduct monitoring, and it is very convenient and practical. It adopts the currently popular H264 compression technology, which features clear image and the unique electronic amplification function and the disk pre-allocation system, enabling users to use it conveniently and quickly.

鈥8ch full real-time 25fps per channel (PAL)
鈥8ch full D1 30fps per channel (NTSC)
鈥upport windows 7 64bits & all windows OS

鈥ideo/audio channel: 8CH video and 4CH audio
鈥ompression mode: H. 264 main profile
鈥isplay resource: 200fps video & audio (PAL) 240fps video & audio (NTSC)
鈥isplay resolution: More than 1024*600, recommend 1024×768, 1024×600 1440×900, 1280×1024, 1600×900, 1920×1080
鈥review resolution: D1(PAL: 704 x 576 NTSC 720 x 480)
鈥ecord resolution: D1(PAL: 704 x 576 NTSC 720 x 480)
鈥ard disk usage: 100-400m/ch/hour
鈥TZ protocol: Support many kinds protocol
鈥ecord resource: 200fps video& audio (PAL) 240fps video& audio (NTSC)
鈥upport all kinds of laptop and pc
鈥etwork function: Support DNS and easy to surveillance by internet
System Configuration Requirement
鈥PU: Intel Pentium 2 or faster;
鈥emory: 512MB or more;
鈥SB: Standard USB2.0 interface;
鈥ard disk: 40GB or above (add disk space according to the quantity of the channels and the video recording storage requirement);
鈥perating system: Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7

Packing list:
鈥1X 8CH Full Real Time USB CCTV Video Capture card
鈥1X High-speed USB2.0 Cable
鈥1X Software Disk (with English User Manual)

QQDVR_8CH_QQ_DVR_8_Channel_USB_DVR_Card_Box_Adapter_Video_Capture_Card 8 Channel USB DVR Video Capture Box D1 Real-time Remote Monitoring

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SMI2021 Chipset Solutions USB Video Capture Adapter with Audio ANKOOL #10059

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SMI2021 Chipset Solutions USB Video Capture Adapter with Audio

1 CVBS video input, 1 S-Video input, 1 left audio input, 1 right audio input, china SMI2021 solutions, support Vista/Win7,XP,Windows. Easy operate and perfect video record!3 Ics, full new materials.

*Include Professional and easy to learn & used video editor software: Ulead Video Studio 10.0 SE DVD
*Popular USB 2.0 interface and not need other power
*Capture high-quality Video & Audio through USB2.0 interface
* Could capture apture audio without the sound card
*Support for all formats锛歳ecord in DVD+/-R/RW锛孌VD+/-VR锛宎nd DVD-Video
*Support Brightness,Contrast,Hueand Saturation control
*Support for Windows 2000/XP/7,Vista32/64
*Applying to internet conference/net meeting

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*Complies With Universal Serial Bus
*Specification Rev.2.0
*Support NTSC,PAL,Video format
*Video input锛歄ne RCA composite锛孫ne S-Video
*Audio input锛歋tereo audio锛圧CA锛
*USB bus power
*Supports high quality video resolution
*NTSC锛720*480@30fps PAL:720*576@25fps

USB_Video_Capture_122-1-300x291 USB_Video_Capture_122-2-300x214

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Mac USB Composite Video Capture Adapter with Audio ANKOOL #71102

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Mac USB Composite Video Capture Adapter with Audio
USB Video/Audio Capture Adapter Drive-free Version for Macintosh

The Composite to USB Video Capture Adapter enables you to capture analog video, as well as the accompanying 2-channel RCA audio, to your Mac庐 computer, from a Composite video device, such as a Beta/VHS VCR, camcorder or PVR or Set-top Box to a USB 2.0 port on your Mac庐, to provide real-time MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 encoding. Compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the USB capture cable is the ideal solution for mobile applications, more than suitable for use with laptop and desktop computers.

System Requirements
鈥 USB 2.0 enabled computer system with available USB port
鈥 Apple庐 Mac OS X庐 (Tiger 10.4.11 and up)
鈥 Analog video Source with Composite cabling (DVD, DVR, VCR, Etc.)

鈥 Make your own movies
鈥 Driver-free version
鈥 Can make movies for IPad, Iphone, AppleTV
鈥 Capture audio and video in a fast and convenient way.
鈥 Connect your camcorder, VCR, digital camera, or any standard video device directly to your MAC
鈥 Portable form factor for on-the-go applications
鈥 Offers USB 2.0 transfer rates (480Mbps) for high quality video capturing
鈥 Motion capture capability at resolutions up to 640 X 480
鈥 Brightness, contrast and sharpness controls offer an optimized viewing experience
鈥 Supports NTSC, PAL, and SECAM formats
鈥 Video-conference around the world using your camcorder.
鈥 Easy to use Plug-and-Play operation.

Package Contents
鈥 USB 2.0 Video capture Adapter
鈥 Instruction manual


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USB Cup Coffee Tea Warmer Heater Pad with 4 Port USB HUB ANKOOL #10277

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USB Cup Coffee Tea Warmer Heater Pad with 4 Port USB HUB

100% new and good quality.
Keep coffee/ tea/ beverage warm at 50-60 and enjoy the E-communication at the same time
Expand your existing USB port easily
USB Hub and USB full speed
Plug and play with USB interface
4 Ports with automatic recognition function, compatible with all common operation systems
Connect with Max. 127 devices simultaneously
Overload protection for every port
Supply till 500mA through USB port, sufficient for diverse apparatus
Plug & Play installation

Operation system: Windows98/2000/ME/ XP
IMac, G3, G4 or iBook with free USB port
IBM PC 48DX4-100 Mhz or above

Simple plug and play installation, no driver needed
Power: 2.5W 5V DC
On and off switch
Red warmer LED indicator
Powered by USB port, no battery required
High quality insulating material around the Metal-Warm holder plate protection against burning
The temperature will decrease when other USB ports are used at the same time

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