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Hypsnsitivity to aciclovi o valaciclovi, o to any o th xcipints listd in sction 6.1.

In th managmnt o hps simplx inctions in patints with impaid nal unction, th commndd oal doss will not lad to accumulation o aciclovi abov lvls that hav bn stablishd sa by intavnous inusion. Howv o patints with sv nal impaimnt (catinin claanc lss than 10 ml/minut) an adjustmnt o dosag to 200 mg aciclovi twic daily at appoximatly twlv-houly intvals is commndd.

Th data cuntly availabl om clinical studis is not suicint to conclud that tatmnt with aciclovi ducs th incidnc o chicknpox-associatd complications in immunocomptnt patints.

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acivir cream is also known as aciclovir, acyclovir, zovirax, herpex.

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