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Actoplus met is a mixture of metformin and piglitazone.

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Topiamat oth cabonic anhydas inhibitos (.g., zonisamid, actazolamid dichlophnamid) quntly dcas sum bicabonat and induc non-anion gap, hypchlomic mtabolic acidosis. Concomitant us ths dugs may induc mtabolic acidosis. Us ths dugs with caution in patints tatd with mtomin, as th isk lactic acidosis may incas.

Nadvs cts upon tility w obsvd in mal and mal ats at oal doss up t40 mg/kg pioglitazon hydochloid daily pitand thoughout mating and gstation (appoximatly nin tims th maximum commndd human oal dos basd on mg/m?).

15 mg/850 mg tablt : whit to-whit, oblong, ilm-coatd tablt with “4833M” on on sid and “15/850” on th oth, availabl in:

Hpatitis and hpatic nzym lvations t>3 XUL, including vy a incidncs hpatic ailu with and without atal outcom.

An inhibitCYP2C8 (.g., gmibozil) signiicantly incass th xposu (aa und th sum concntation-tim cuv AUC) and hal-li (t?) pioglitazon. Tho, th maximum commndd dos pioglitazon is 15 mg daily i usd in combination with gmibozil oth stong CYP2C8 inhibitos [s DOSAG AND ADMINISTATION and CLINICAL PHAMACOLOGY ].

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16 actoplus met users have rated its effectiveness for type 2 diabetes.

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