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“Ovall, w conclud that pioglitazon may b associatd with an incasd isk in uinay bladd canc, and w hav updatd th dug labls tinclud inomation about ths additional studis,” th DA assssmnt ads.

In th ist tial, 328 patints w andomizd tciv ith 30 mg ACTOS placbonc daily 16 wks in addition tthi cunt mtomin gimn. Tatmnt with ACTOS as add-on tmtomin poducd statistically signiicant impovmnts in HbA1c and PG at ndpoint compad tplacbadd-on tmtomin (s Tabl 22).

Som mdications simila tActos dcas th ctivnss oal contacptivs (bith contol pills). Bcaus it is not known i Actos incass th isk pgnancy whn oal contacptivs a usd, an altnat bith contol mthod should b discussd with you halthca povid.

ACTOS is not commndd us in pdiatic patints basd on advs cts obsvd in adults, including luid tntion and congstiv hat ailu, actus, and uinay bladd tumos [s WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS ].

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actos does not cause the body to make more insulin, therefore, when used alone, it does not cause low blood glucose hypoglycemia .

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