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Information about Ampicillin.

Gnitouinay gastointstinal tact inctions, th usual dos is 100 mg/kg/day total, qid in qually dividd and spacd doss. spiatoy inctions, th usual dos is 50 mg/kg/day total, in qually dividd and spacd doss th tou tims daily. Doss childn should not xcd doss commndd adults,

Tansint incass in liv unction tsts and chonic cholstasis hav aly bn associatd with ampicillin. Acut pancatitis has bn potd and conimd by challng with ampicillin in a patint in whom th was noth obvious caus pancatitis.

I you docthas dictd you tus this mdication, you doctphamacist may alady b awa any possibl dug intactions and may b monitoing you thm. Dnot stat, stop, chang th dosag any mdicin bchcking with you docto, halth ca povid phamacist ist.

This mdication may b pscibd oth uss; ask you doctphamacist minomation.

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