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· Catchin-ich polyphnols povidd by gn ta, gacinia cambogia and phytolacca by xtacts hav anti-oxidant and at-buning poptis.

In tms dit, stict you intak calois tb low than you BM. g. I you BM is say 2500 K Calois, stict you ditay input taound 2000–2200 K Cals. Within that, plas tak ca tcut down on satuatd ats and cabs, spcially simpl cabs lik sugas. Unhalthy calois om suga, ind gains and satuatd ats cats suddn spik in insulin lvls and dvlops xcss body at, which can st you up halth isks such as hat disas and typ 2 diabts. Instad ocus on mpotins and ibs. With this, th body would b dpivd basic ngy soucs lik Cabs and ats and would b ocd tutilis stod ats tconvt intngy and mt th BM. Som natual anti-oxidants i takn in this dit would aid in th at-buning pocss.

Poliva Light n Lan is a uniqu poduct catd looking intth abov aspcts wight managmnt. It os a soy-why potin blnd along-with natual ditay ibs, mtabolism boosts and oth nutints thlp duc xcss body at in combination with xcis and a low caloi dit. Ky atus th poduct a as ollows:

· High-potin, high-ib nutition – contains 77% i.. 11.55 g potins p sving 15 g.

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