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Information about Brahmi.

Please inform your physician before consuming in the following situationsPregnancy Breastfeeding Diabetes Hypertension Specific contraindications have not been identifiedPlease consult your physician if symptoms persist.

Each tablet containsBrahmiBacopa monnieriwhole plant extract250 mg.

AnxietyEarly research suggests that taking 30 mL of Bacopa syrup daily for 4 weeks reduces symptoms of anxietyincluding nervousnessracing hearttrouble sleepingheadachestirednessdifficulty concentratingand stomach discomfortEpilepsyseizuresEarly research suggests that taking Bacopa extract for 5 months prevents seizures in some people with epilepsyAsthmaBackacheHoarsenessMental illnessJoint painrheumatismSexual problemsFluid retentionOther conditionsMore evidence is needed to rate bacopa for these uses.

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a few centuries later, brahmi begins to be employed in religious contexts, both in architecture and for the transmission of religious texts.

All online orders will be shipped from our China warehouse to you.  Inquiry wholesale orders please contact our sales representative.

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