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Research has proven that with arimidex treatment you can stay cancer free at a higher rate than with nolvadex tamoxifen or soltamax.

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Information about Nolvadex.

Take this medication by mouth with or without foodusually once or twice daily for 5 yearsor as directed by your doctorDaily dosages greater than 20 milligrams are usually divided in half and taken twice a dayin the morning and eveningor as directed by your doctorIf you are using the liquidmeasure the dose carefully using a special measuring device/spoonDo not use a household spoon because you may not get the correct dose.

It is not known if this medication passes into breast milkBecause of the potential risk to the infantbreast-feeding is not recommended while using this drugConsult your doctor before breast-feeding.

The most notable effects of Nolvadex pertain to breast cancer patientsand these are simple in their actionsIt is able to effectively block the estrogen hormone from being able to attachwhich means that the cancer is deprived of the fuel that it needs to surviveWhile it is effectiveit is not always the first choice of treatment nor the only compound availableAIsaromatase inhibitorsare typically used at the start of treatment due to their serum estrogen level reducing abilitiesOver timetreatment then switches from aromatase Inhibitors to selective estrogen receptor modulatorssuch as Nolvadex period for preventionit is often prescribed to those who have a history of breast cancer throughout their family.

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