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QHow safe is Benadryl when used as a sleep agentAre there any side effects after using it for years?

The drug can treat insect stingsmotion sicknessand vaccine reactions or other allergic reactions in dogs.

ABenadryldiphenhydramineis an antihistamine that blocks the effects of the naturally occurring chemical histamine in the bodyIt is used to treat sneezingrunny noseitchingwatery eyeshivesrashesitchingand other symptoms of allergies and the common coldBenadryl can also used to suppress coughsto treat motion sicknessto induce sleepand to treat mild forms of Parkinson’s diseaseCommon side effects of Benadryl include sleepinessfatiguedizzinessheadachedry mouthand difficulty urinating or an enlarged prostateThe elderly are more sensitive to the side effects of Benadryl and may experience more severe side effectsUse cautionas falls may result from some of the side effects such as dizzinessThis is not a complete list of side effects that can occur with BenadrylYour dermatologist or allergist is best able to properly evaluate the cause of hives and how best to treat themThere are a variety of prescription medications availableboth topical for the skin and oral medications taken by mouththat may help relieve the symptoms of hivesSarah LewisPharmD.

Different types of cough syrups treat different kinds of coughDiscover the science behind how they work differently to fight cough.

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