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I m colloquially hoping that when i goto see the affirmation that he puts me on accutane joyously.

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Dpssd mood, toubl concntating, slp poblms, cying splls, aggssion o agitation, changs in bhavio, hallucinations, thoughts o suicid o huting yousl; suddn numbnss o waknss, spcially on on sid o th body; blud vision, suddn and sv hadach o pain bhind you ys, somtims with vomiting; haing poblms, haing loss, o inging in you as; sizu (convulsions); sv pain in you upp stomach spading to you back, nausa and vomiting, ast hat at; loss o apptit, dak uin, clay-colod stools, jaundic (yllowing o th skin o ys); sv diaha, ctal blding, black, bloody, o tay stools; v, chills, body achs, lu symptoms, pupl spots und you skin, asy buising o blding; sv blisting, pling, and d skin ash; o joint stinss, bon pain o actu.

Th a no adquat studis in womn o dtmining inant isk whn using this mdication duing bastding. Wigh th potntial bnits against th potntial isks bo taking this mdication whil bastding.

Womn o child-baing potntial must ag in witing to us two spciic oms o bith contol and hav gula pgnancy tsts bo, duing, and at taking isottinoin.

Suicidal idation, suicid attmpts, suicid, dpssion, psychosis, aggssion, violnt bhavios (s WANINGS: Psychiatic Disods ), motional instability.

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