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Medication baclofen may not be applied when the treated suffers from epilepsy or severe renal impairment.

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Information about Baclofen.

Childn: This mdication hasn’t bn studid and shouldn’t b usd in childn young than 12 yas ag.

Choosing tpaticipat in a study is an impotant psonal dcision. Talk with you doctand amily mmbs inds about dciding tjoin a study. Tlan mabout this study, you you doctmay contact th study sach sta using th contacts povidd blow. gnal inomation, Lan About Clinical Studis.

Baclon alscoms as a spinal injction, which is only givn by a halthca povid.

Kp this mdication in th contain it cam in, tightly closd, and out ach childn. Stit at oom tmpatu and away om xcss hat and moistu (not in th bathoom).

Th manuactu this dug commnds that you don’t tak mthan 80 mg p day.

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thanks for your response i disagree that i m dismissing baclofen i m critiquing the study, and the medical model in general.

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