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If viramune is discontinued due to hepatotoxicity, do not restart it.

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Information about Viramune.

The clinical relevance of these data in European populations has not been establishedFurthermorein the case Viramune is used as single dose to prevent vertical transmission of HIV-1 infectionthe risk of hepatotoxicity in mother and child cannot be excluded.

The most common symptomatic side effect of nevirapine is rashusually occurring in the first 6 weeks of treatmentNevirapine-associated skin reactions usually are mild to moderate but in some cases are severe and life threateningRash may also accompany hepatotoxicitysee belowPatients with rash should be evaluated carefully for signs of severe skin reaction and for liver toxicityWomen tend to be at higher risk than men of developing nevirapine-associated rashLikelihood of rash is reduced by the recommended initiation of nevirapine at half treatment dosewith increase to full dose if no rash is present after 2 weeksWhen this dose escalation is usedprophylactic corticosteroids do not appear to reduce the risk of rash11)

Caution should be exercised when co-administering telaprevir with nevirapine.

Limited human data are insufficient to determinerisk of infertility in humansbased on results from animal fertility studies conducted in ratstherapy may reduce fertility in females of reproductive potentialnot known if these effects on fertility are reversible.

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