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59 we described the site selected for the southern ocean so gas exchange experiment gasex and the general mixed layer dynamics as background to study questions related to gas exchange and co 2 fluxes in the southern ocean.

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Environmentally friendly energy generationenergy storage and energy distribution.

Gasex have been given to 50 patients in a clinical trial32 had flatulence while 18 were post-surgery patients experiencing abdominal discomfort2 capsules were given twice a day for 1 weekAfter the trialresults showed that over 90of all subjects were free of abdominal symptomsNone exhibited side effectsThe post-surgery patients also presented faster recovery rate compared to others not given the formula.

Gasex acts to increase the digestibility of all ingested foods by enhancing bile secretion as well as stimulating digestive enzymesThe assimilation of digested food and nutrients result to healthier physical conditionGasex helps hasten nutrient transport across cells thereby promoting anabolism and preventing protein catabolismGluconeogenesis is also inhibited while H2S conversion to methionine is improvedThe action of Gasex is comparably equal to that of charcoal on a molar basisRetained intestinal gas is then expelled effectively at a very helpful and supportive rate with longer-lasting duration.

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