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High Blood Pssu “cntly had tup my dos, and had ttak at bdtim bcaus dizzinss. I noticd I was not ling wll, and thought I was ighting som bug, but it continud. I noticd that th nausa and hadach occud at taking my nighttim dos Avapo. Whn I quit taking it, I lt in.”

High Blood Pssu “I am 63 yas old, and inhitd high blood pssu om my moth. I hav bn taking Avapabout 15 yas. Initially it was 150mg but cntly as 2 yas I hav bn on 300 mg. Initially at th incasd dos I had such back muscl/bon pain, it lt as i an lphant had sat on m. My doctchangd my mdication ta bta block but that did nothing tbing my blood pssu down. What annoys m at ading vyon’s dback, is I hav bn stuggling with xhaustion yas, muscl pain, lighthaddnss whn standing, ainting vn landd up ainting at wok, with th ambulanc bing calld. Not th docto, nth hospital mntiond sid cts this mdication.”

AVAPO HCT hlps tcontol you high blood pssu, but dos not cu it. ThAVAPO HCT must b takn vy day. Continu taking AVAPO HCT until you docttlls you tstop.

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