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You us th contnt povidd in this svic indicats that you hav ad,undstood and ag tth nd-Us Licns Agmnt,which can b accssd by clicking on this link.

Quncy not potd : Syncop, anxity/nvousnss, numbnss, somnolnc, vtigo, pasthsia, tmo, tansint ischmic attack, cbovascula accidnt.

I you nd sugy mdical tsts, tll th sugon ahad tim that you a using Avalid.

Tak with without ood. Tak Avalid (ibsatan and hydochloothiazid) at th sam tim day. Kp taking Avalid (ibsatan and hydochloothiazid) as you hav bn told by you doctoth halth ca povid, vn i you l wll. Tgain th most bnit, dnot miss doss. This mdicin may caus you tpass uin motn. Tkp om having slp poblms, ty ttak b6 pm. Dink lots noncain liquids unlss told tdink lss liquid by you docto.

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