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Calcitriol increases inorganic phosphate levels in serumWhile this is desirable in patients with hypophosphatemiacaution is called for in patients with renal failure because of the danger of ectopic calcificationA non-aluminum phosphate-binding compound and a low-phosphate diet should be used to control serum phosphorus levels in patients undergoing dialysis.

Your doctor may have suggested this medication for conditions other than those listed in these drug information articlesIf you have not discussed this with your doctor or are not sure why you are taking this medicationspeak to your doctorDo not stop taking this medication without consulting your doctor.

Rocaltrolcalcitriolis indicated in the management of hypocalcemia and the resultant metabolic bone disease in patients undergoing chronic renal dialysisIn these patientsRocaltrolcalcitrioladministration enhances calcium absorptionreduces serum alkaline phosphatase levelsand may reduce elevated parathyroid hormone levels and the histological manifestations of osteitis fibrosa cystica and defective mineralization.

General treatment of hypercalcemiagreater than 1 mg/dL above the upper limit of the normal rangeconsists of immediate discontinuation of Rocaltrolcalcitrioltherapyinstitution of a low-calcium diet and withdrawal of calcium supplementsSerum calcium levels should be determined daily until normocalcemia ensuesHypercalcemia frequently resolves in 2 to 7 daysWhen serum calcium levels have returned to within normal limitsRocaltrolcalcitrioltherapy may be reinstituted at a dose of 0.25 mcg/day less than prior therapySerum calcium levels should be obtained at least twice weekly after all dosage changes and subsequent dosage titrationIn dialysis patientspersistent or markedly elevated serum calcium levels may be corrected by dialysis against a calcium-free dialysate.

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