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If you have been prescribed domperidonethere is no need to stop taking itSpeak to your doctor or pharmacist at your next routine visit if you have any heart problems or other concerns about the treatment.

Domperidone is associated with a small increased risk of serious cardiac side effectsThe UK Commission on Human MedicinesCHMhas concluded that products containing domperidone meet the requirements for prescription-only supplyTherefore people need to have a medical assessment before taking domperidone to determine if it is suitable for them.

Domperidone is excreted in human milk and breast-fed infants receive less than 0.1of the maternal weight-adjusted doseOccurrence of adverse effectsin particular cardiac effects cannot be excluded after exposure via breast milkA decision should be made whether to discontinue breast-feeding or to discontinue/abstain from domperidone therapy taking into account the benefit of breast feeding for the child and the benefit of therapy for the womanCaution should be exercised in case of QTc prolongation risk factors in breast-fed infants.

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