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Famvir is an antiviral treatment that provides quick relief from the symptoms of genital herpes, cold sores and shingles.

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Information about Famvir.

FamciclovirFamviris the inactive diacetyl ester prodrug of penciclovirDenaviran acyclic nucleoside analogue with a spectrum of activity against herpesviruses similar to that of acyclovir.

Famciclovir is as well tolerated as acyclovirComplaints of nauseadiarrheaand headache occurred in clinical trialsbut at frequencies similar to those reported by placebo recipients137 No clinically significant drug interactions have been reported to datealthough concentrations of famciclovir among volunteers increase by about 20in patients receiving concomitant cimetidine or theophylline administration138.

This medication may impair your thinking or reactionsBe careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be alert.

Topical penciclovir has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of recurrent HSV gingivostomatitisUnlike topical acyclovirpenciclovir appears to have a beneficial effect on recurrent mucocutaneous HSV infection when compared with placebo95Topical penciclovir has not been extensively evaluated in patients with HIV infectionhoweverand may not be as effective as systemic therapy in this immunocompromised population.

Continue to take famciclovir even if you feel wellDo not stop taking famciclovir without talking to your doctor.

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your dose of famvir and how often you take it may be different depending on your condition famvir can be taken with or without food it is important for you to finish all of the medicine as prescribed, even if you begin to feel better your symptoms may continue even after you finish all of your famvir.

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