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Allegra, zyrtec and claritin loratadine to name a few.

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Information about Claritin.

Allegra contains the active ingredient fexofenadineAllegra is non-sedatingso it should not make a person feel drowsyBenadryl contains the active ingredient diphenhydramineThis acts faster than the other three and is designed to treat minor skin reactionsnot seasonal allergiesBenadryl is a sedating antihistamineso people tend to feel drowsy after taking it.

Distributed by Bayer HealthCare LLCWhippanyNJUSA07981RevisedDec 2015.

One non-drowsy tablet effectively relieves allergy symptoms all dayany day.

Easy-to-swallow liquid-filled capsule 24-hour allergy relief Non-drowsy relief from pollendust mitespet dander and mold Relief from sneezingrunny noseitchy/watery eyesand itchy nose or throat.

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