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In study nv17317 in patients infected with viral genotype 2 or 3, all patients received peginterferon alfa-2a 180 g sc qw and a copegus dose of 800 mg and were randomised to treatment for either 16 or 24 weeks.

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Information about Copegus.

For more information on CoPegusread the full prescribing informationFor more information on Rebetolread its full prescribing information.

7Hadziyannis SSette HMorgan Tet alPeginterferon alfa-2a and Ribavirin Combination Therapy in Chronic Hepatitis CA Randomized Study of Treatment Duration and Ribavirin DoseAnn Intern Med 2004140:346-355Links

Before treatment startspatients should talk to their doctor about all their health conditionsincluding if they:

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