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Terazosin tablets have a major influence on the ability to drive and use machinesDizzinesslight-headedness or drowsiness may occur with the initial dose or in association with missed doses and subsequent reinitiation of Hytrin therapyPatients should be cautioned about these possible adverse effects and the circumstances in which they may occur and advised to avoid driving or hazardous tasks for approximately 12 hours after initial dose or when the dose is increased.

Terazosin has been extensively studied in 1222 men with symptomatic BPHIn three placebo-controlled studiessymptom evaluation and uroflowmetric measurements were performed approximately 24 hours following dosingSymptoms were systematically quantified using the Boyarsky IndexThe questionnaire evaluated both obstructivehesitancyintermittencyterminal dribblingimpairment of size and force of streamsensation of incomplete bladder emptyingand irritativenocturiadaytime frequencyurgencydysuriasymptoms by rating each of the 9 symptoms from 0-3for a total score of 27 pointsResults from these studies indicated that terazosin statistically significantly improved symptoms and peak urine flow rates over placebo as follows:

Pharmacokinetic studies in the elderly indicate that no alteration in dosage recommendation is required.

1mg before bedtime is the starting dose for all patients and should not be exceededStrict compliance with this recommendation should be observed to minimise acute first-dose hypotensive episodes.

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