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In a study comparing the disposition of intravenously administered diazepam before and after 21 days of dosing with either ZOLOFT50 to 200 mg/day escalating doseor placebothere was a 32decrease relative to baseline in diazepam clearance for the ZOLOFT group compared to a 19decrease relative to baseline for the placebo groupp 30compared to baselineRelapse during the double-blind phase was defined as the following conditions being met on two consecutive visits:

Zoloft may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors particularly in childrenteensand young adults who take the medicationSeek medical help if you or your child experience these thoughts or other changes in behavior or mood.

Agitationhallucinationscomaor other changes in mental status nauseavomitingor diarrhea racing heartbeathigh or low blood pressure sweating or fever coordination problems or muscle twitchingoveractive reflexesmuscle rigidity.

Distributed byRoerigDivision of Pfizer IncNY,NY 10017RevisedDec 2017.

Sertraline had no genotoxic effectswith or without metabolic activationbased on the following assaysbacterial mutation assaymouse lymphoma mutation assayand tests for cytogenetic aberrations in vivo in mouse bone marrow and in vitro in human lymphocytes.

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