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On the other hand zyrtec has quite a lot of interactions a lot more than the other two drugs and side effects and while it seems to provide better and faster results than the other two drugs, interactions should be watched.

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Information about Zyrtec.

Keep out of reach of childrenIn case of overdoseget medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away1-800-222-1222)

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Zyrtec contains cetirizine hydrochloridealso called cetirizine HCLwhile Claritin contains loratadine.

Regardless of marketing claimslittle scientific evidence shows that either is more effective.

The labeling of Zyrtec says that a person should not take it when driving a vehicle or using machineryAvoid taking Zyrtec with alcohol or other medicines that could cause drowsiness.

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more about children s zyrtec cetirizine .

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