Ipad iPhone 4S Bluetooth 4.0 Anti Lost Alarm #62308

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Ipad iPhone 4S Bluetooth 4.0 Anti Lost Alarm

VTag device and Blue Smart APP for iPhone4S, the new iPad and iPhone5

 Phone, keys, wallet, bags, even cars, Discovering that you’re missing any of these items could easily trigger a panic attack, yet they’re all so easy to misplace. How many times have you spent twenty minutes looking for keys that were buried between the couch cushions? The VTag may help you win that losing battle. Acting as a Bluetooth 4.0 device that attaches to your key ring and connects to your phone, it can give you the opportunity to find the missing item if it’s less than 30 feet* away. It can also send notifications when the VTag and your iPhone 4s are out of range from each other. Hook it onto your key ring (or any other valuable you misplace often), download the Blue smart app on iPhone 4S and new iPad, it works.

About VTag

Vtag device is triggered through the Smart blue iOS app and Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

When you can’t seem to find your keys, tap the “Find” button in the app. If VTag device is within a preset range, it will signal its position by beeping.

If you’re not within range, you can walk around with the app open and the on-screen proximity display will sync with the device’s built in sensor.

If you hold two buttons at same time,the VTtag will make iPhone as or new iPad sound alarm or vibrating on table, to give alert to keychain owner.

Vtag  can also be placed inside Car, your iPhone 4S or new iPad will record GPS data of your parking place, and will help you quickly find the way to your car.

Because of Bluetooth’s low power feature, the VTag  can go up to six months before you replace the CR2032 battery with a new one.

Parameter Value
Communication system Bluetooth ® Ver.4.0
Transmission scheme Spectrum frequency hopping diffusion method (FH-SS)
Transmit frequency range 2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHz
Communication distance (Depending on use environment) 20m
Power CR2032 battery
Power consumption 220mA
Dimension 38.5mm*38.5*9mm
weight About 12g
Working time (Depending on use environment) about 0.5 year.

Instruction manual:



Please search and down load Blue Smart at iTunes App Store .


Touch “Settings” them “General” on your iPhone’s screen. Touch “Bluetooth” then touch “Turn Bluetooth on”, and open Blue Smart app in iPhone 4S/5 or new iPad.


Press Connect Button 3 seconds to pair the VTag device with iPhone or iPad. The Blue Smart app will discover VTag. please tap “Pair” to permit the VTag connection.



1. Long press  Connect button in disconnected or closed status.

2. 2 beeps to entering pairing and fast green light flashing with 0.5s interval, and last 6os.


1. Out of range or control in Blue Smart APP to Disconnect.

2. Beeps for 5s and slow continuous green-light flashing with 5s interval.


1. Connected and Paired.

2. A fast green flashing for 2s to enter connected status, then no light.


1. “Close VTag” from control bar in Blue Smart App in paired status.


In/Out of Range Alert

1. If the distance of the Paired VTag and iPhone/iPad is out of range, both VTag and iPhone/iPad will trigger alert. “Setting mode” in Blue Smart APP will define the type of alert.

2. Pre-paired VTag and iPhone/iPad will trigger alert if re-connected.

Trigger Find my VTag Alert

1. Tap “find me” in blue Smart APP in paired status.

2. Immediate alert VTag with predefined beep or Red LED light.

3. Tap “Mute” in Blue Smart APP in paired Status, it will Mute VTag Alert.

4. Tag Connect button can also mute the alert in VTag.

 Trigger Find my iPhone/iPad alert

1.Mild Alert: Short Push Connect and Function button together in paired status. It will trigger mild Alert in iPhone/iPad

2. High Alert: Long push(3s) Connect and functionbuttontogether in paired status, it will trigger high alert in iPhone/iPad.


All online orders will be shipped from our China warehouse to you.  Inquiry wholesale orders please contact our sales representative.

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